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  • Phone: +33 9 62 17 69 94
  • Office Address: 20, rue de Brest
    94700 Maisons-Alfort
    (City of the Parisian belt beside the Airport of Orly)
  • Metro: Line 8,
    station "Les Juilliottes"
  • Taxi from the Airport of Orly to Maisons Alfort: 30 Euros approximately
  • Hotel three stars situated in proximity of the office:

Terms of Intervention:

  • First consultation (1 to 3 hours): General study of the situation (physical, mental, bioenergetical)
  • Second consultation and following (1 to 3 hours): adjustment of disruptive elements (Physical, mental, bioenergetical)



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Ethics Code:

According with the law and common sense I:

  • Do not substitute to a regular doctor
  • Do not make diagnosis according to the terms of official medicine
  • Do not prescribe medications or suggest to stop them
  • Do not advise surgery
  • Do not receive minors without the presence of their parents or legal guardian
  • Not to disclose information about the client's condition
  • Respect the laws
  • Respect everyone believing
  • Do not give any illusions or certainty about the success of treatment


If you live in England, Scotland, Ireland, and English speaking countries, and particularly in London, Glasgow, Dublin, Manchester, Bristol, Belfast, Birmingham, and Edinburgh, there are direct flights till Paris.

vincenzo riga

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Equipped with this I am obliged to call a natural gift (Pranic healer-radiesthesist), I have 2 passions in life: Nature and Philosophy. Manager in company until 2014, I was formed in "naturopathy" during 35 years. It is by looking after my family, my friends and relatives which I noted the extraordinary capacity that had the Holistic Naturopathy to relieve the body and to lead the human being to remain in good health.

Introduced to Bio magnetism by Romolo Mantovani, and to Shiatsu by Dr Antonio Monti, I also practice: Spiritual Healing, Pranic healing, the Radiesthesia and Dowsing. I graduated in Bio Energy, in Finger Pressure and Shiatsu at the international Institute of the new medicine of Bologna, and studied at the Institut de Formation à la Sophrologie de Paris. Today, I consult by appointment in my cabinet. I speak French, English, German, Italian and some other languages. My only objective is to help the others get better. I await you with serenity!

Vincenzo Riga


Did you know?



Because they love us, I intervene with our friends the animals in complement of the veterinary care. 

• Digestive disorders (digestion, constipation…)
• Respiratory disorders
• Behavioral problems (stress, nervousness, run down…)
• Dermatological disorders
• Wound healing…

* Non exhaustive list

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The information disseminated on this site can in no case to constitute an incentive to leave conventional medicine, neither to even give up a specific treatment (preventive or curative), nor even a diagnosis or a regulation. They are councils in natural hygiene which do not replace the treatment prescribed by a doctor of Medicine. 

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