Definition  of Spiritual Healer, Pranic Healer - Radiesthesist Dowser, therapist

A Spiritual Healer, Pranic Healer-Radiesthesist, Dowser therapist is someone which has what can be called a natural gift (fluid or vital energy) that allows it, especially through the hands, to harmonize energy, relieve suffering people and maintain them in good health.

Therapeutic magnetism is known in the world of natural health and natural medicine under different names: Animal magnetism, vital energy, vital fluid or even bioenergy. Moreover, this therapy is sometimes termed:


  • Energia Bioradiante in Italy (term invented by the doctor Racanelli)
  • Bio Plasma in Russia
  • Prâna in India
  • Qi in Chinese acupuncture...

The term radiesthesia literally means "sensitivity to radiation".

Is the combined manifestation of the phenomenon of radiation, that of resonance and intuition or more commonly called "sixth sense". The instruments used by radiesthesist healers are called witnesses: picture or an object belonging to the person to be analyzed when it is absent, the pendulum, the wand...

How is a session with a Spiritual Healer, Pranic Healer-Radisethesist, Dowser?

Endowed with the faculty of pranic healer Spiritual healer – Radiesthesist Dowser from a young age, I have the ability to determine:

  • Any imbalances present physically, bio energetically, and mentally
  • The optimal resonance with appropriate remedies to the ills which suffer the consultants
  • The treatment I apply consists therefore to "harmonize" your vital energy by putting it where it is lacking and removing it where it is in excess

This action will neutralize the part of your energy called "perverse" to your good health.

A Spiritual Healing, Pranic HealingRadiesthesia, Dowsing care session lasts 45 minutes to 1hr approximately. It generally takes place as follows:

  • General assessment to identify bio energy and emotional physical disorders
  • Assessment to identify the possible presence of a trans-generational relationship with a health problem, and make the appropriate solutions.
  • Detection of harmful waves: electromagnetic, electrical, radon gas, telluric waves (Hartmann, Curry), underground water, waveforms, etc. From your professional and personal environment (home, business apartment, workplace, farm, etc.)
  • Imposition of the hands on the body where necessary
  • Selection of natural remedies in line with the needs and consultant profiles.

The consultant is dressed, lying on a treatment table and positioned according to his personal comfort (I still preserve our respective backs!)

The benefits of Magnetism and Radiesthesia

Therapeutic magnetism-radiesthesia session is beneficial in more ways than one. This natural therapy maximizes your health, well-being and ultimately your quality of life.

  • Health: post-operative effects; various physical pain; various digestive problems; dermatological conditions; sleep disorders; energy building; anxiety, anxiety, phobias; depression...
  • Nutrition: Alcohol and Tobacco dependence, need to lose weight...
  • Professional life: Stress management, various emotional disorders...
  • Geopathic places

* Non-exhaustive list


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•Develop a path of durable personal growth, thanks to a life hygiene that includes the four dimensions of the human being: physical, mental, bioenergetic and spiritual.


Vincenzo Riga, is a Holistic Naturopath. He is a member of various professional organizations . In his holistic practice he applies different western and oriental therapeutic principles such as: Shiatsu (New International Medicine Center in Bologna) Hygienism (Costacurta, Shelton, Acharan, Carton), Sophrology (Institut de formation à la Sophrologie de Paris). Dowsing- Bioenergy Balancing (self-taught training for over a quarter of a century).




vincenzo riga

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Equipped with this I am obliged to call a natural gift (Pranic healer-radiesthesist), I have 2 passions in life: Nature and Philosophy. Manager in company until 2014, I was formed in "naturopathy" during 35 years. It is by looking after my family, my friends and relatives which I noted the extraordinary capacity that had the Holistic Naturopathy to relieve the body and to lead the human being to remain in good health.

Introduced to Bio magnetism by Romolo Mantovani, and to Shiatsu by Dr Antonio Monti, I also practice: Spiritual Healing, Pranic healing, the Radiesthesia and Dowsing. I graduated in Bio Energy, in Finger Pressure and Shiatsu at the international Institute of the new medicine of Bologna, and studied at the Institut de Formation à la Sophrologie de Paris. Today, I consult by appointment in my cabinet. I speak French, English, German, Italian and some other languages. My only objective is to help the others get better. I await you with serenity!

Vincenzo Riga


Did you know?



Because they love us, I intervene with our friends the animals in complement of the veterinary care. 

• Digestive disorders (digestion, constipation…)
• Respiratory disorders
• Behavioral problems (stress, nervousness, run down…)
• Dermatological disorders
• Wound healing…

* Non exhaustive list

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