Definition of therapeutic Shiatsu and the massages

Therapeutic Shiatsu is one of the 8 alternative approaches indicated by the European Parliament (A4-0075/1997) as being “a nonconventional medicine worthy of interest” which enables you to preserve your capital health.

Since 1955, the technique of therapeutic Shiatsu is recognized like a medicine with whole share by the Japanese ministry of Health.

In the literal sense of the term, Shiatsu means “pressure of the fingers”. It is thus about a manual therapy (massage) of Japanese origin inspired by Chinese acupuncture. This releasing technique of care uses vertical pressures on the whole of the body realized using:

  • Massage mainly with the thumbs and sometimes other fingers
  • Massage with the palms of hand
  • Massage with the elbows

Shiastu therapeutic relieves various specific even organic functional disorders and preserves your health. A state of relieving and psychophysical wellbeing are established during and after each meeting of Shiastu.

Relaxation increases the production of endorphins. The improvement of blood circulation gets for the various parts of the body a better oxygen provisioning and nutritive substances.

How is held a therapeutic meeting of Shiatsu?

Formed at the international Institute of the new medicine of Bologna, under the direction of Dr. A. Monti, I successfully practise this manual therapy since long years. I analyze “the pulse energy”, according to principles of old Chinese acupuncture. Through a pressure on precise points of the bodies, I restored the correct radiant energy flux in the meridian lines, and then I rebalance your vital energy (Qi).

A meeting of Shiastu proceeds in the following way:

  • Duration: approximately 1 hour
  • Position of the customer: lengthened
  • Formal dress

Which are the benefits of therapeutic Shiastu for health?

Prevention is better than cure! Therapeutic Shiatsu is intended to prevent the disease and to preserve your capital health. Its benefits are numerous:
The beneficial effect of shiatsu is as follows:

  • Stimulate and unlock the acupuncture meridians
  • Activate the flow of vital energy "Qi" in the body
  • Improve vitality and sense of well being,
  • Increase resistance to disease and stress
  • Immediately release muscle tension
  • Stimulate drainage of body fluids
  • Improve sleep
  • Help slow the aging of tissues
  • Improve blood circulation and nerve function
  • Promote the establishment of a state of relaxation and general well-being throughout the body.
  • Facilitate the treatment of addiction to sleeping pills
  • Facilitate the treatment of food addiction
  • Facilitate the treatment of tobacco addiction
  • Facilitate the treatment of addictions to alcohol, cannabis

* Non exhaustive List

vincenzo riga

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Equipped with this I am obliged to call a natural gift (Pranic healer-radiesthesist), I have 2 passions in life: Nature and Philosophy. Manager in company until 2014, I was formed in "naturopathy" during 35 years. It is by looking after my family, my friends and relatives which I noted the extraordinary capacity that had the Holistic Naturopathy to relieve the body and to lead the human being to remain in good health.

Introduced to Bio magnetism by Romolo Mantovani, and to Shiatsu by Dr Antonio Monti, I also practice: Spiritual Healing, Pranic healing, the Radiesthesia and Dowsing. I graduated in Bio Energy, in Finger Pressure and Shiatsu at the international Institute of the new medicine of Bologna, and studied at the Institut de Formation à la Sophrologie de Paris. Today, I consult by appointment in my cabinet. I speak French, English, German, Italian and some other languages. My only objective is to help the others get better. I await you with serenity!

Vincenzo Riga


Did you know?



Because they love us, I intervene with our friends the animals in complement of the veterinary care. 

• Digestive disorders (digestion, constipation…)
• Respiratory disorders
• Behavioral problems (stress, nervousness, run down…)
• Dermatological disorders
• Wound healing…

* Non exhaustive list

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